What We Do

Who Are Vitenza?

Vitenza started life as a little wholesale business, ran by a small team in one office, but today we have grown to become a multinational company, with teams in the United Kingdom, Australia, India and New Zealand.

We are the distributor of many exclusive, brands such as VigRX, Jes Extender and various others, which are well known and well respected in their respective markets.

In addition to this, we currently work with and are proud to supply some of the biggest online adult store companies, as well as recognisable pharmacies and big, single chain stores.

What We Do

We think the growth we have witnessed is thanks to the fact that Vitenza treat each and every partner as an individual. We work hard to understand and accommodate your needs and the needs or your business. Whether you are a large or small enterprise, we will dedicate our time and resources into building a bespoke relationship with you, which best benefits your business and the objectives of your company.

As well as offering a tailor made service; we have an impressive range of premium products, a lot of which you might recognise if you are familiar with the markets we operate in. Many of these items are number 1 sellers in their respective fields and have been for many years, which is why clients come back time and time again. What's more, the majority are exclusive to Vitenza and cannot be found elsewhere on the market.

An Excellent Service

Your experience with Vitenza should be a comfortable and pleasant one, as everything has been done to ensure that the process is quick and easy. Products have been gathered into clear categories, there are several payment methods to choose from for your convenience and you can take advantage of next day delivery. This means no waiting around; you can just get on and start selling.

Should you have any questions about ordering, payment or any other query, though, our professional, multilingual customer support team are on hand 6 days a week. Do not be embarrassed to ask them anything, big or small, as we want you to feel confident in Vitenza and wanting to buy from us.

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Django Marecaux

Django MarecauxGeneral Manager

"We are different from any other wholesale company. We started as retailers so we understand end consumers like no one else."

Email: django.marecaux[at]vitenza.com
Tel: +44 207 084 7099

Samuel Ruddy

Samuel RuddyUK Business Manager

"Big or small, I will make it my mission to understand your needs and develop a relationship that reflects the goals unique to your business."

Email: samuel.ruddy[at]vitenza.co.uk
Tel: +44 207 084 7094

Irene Barleben

Irene BarlebenGermany

"Our ultimate mission is to satisfy you as our client. Only when you are happy, we will be happy and we will stop at nothing in order to achieve that."

Email: irene.barleben[at]vitenza.com
Tel: +44 207 084 6931

Hozefa Tijoriwala

Hozefa TijoriwalaRest of the World

"We support small businesses to grow and achieve their goals. You can become our partner with no investments and sell our brands internationally."

Email: hozefa.tijoriwala[at]vitenza.com
Tel: +44 207 084 7059

Valentina Sortino

Valentina SortinoItaly

"Perseverance and determination are the two tools I will rely and constantly fall back on to provide you and your business with the service it desires and deserves."

Email: valentina.sortino[at]vitenza.com
Tel: +44 207 084 7153

Raphaël Cassaigne

Raphael CassaigneFrance

"There are no secrets to success, no quick tricks you can exploit. It is only the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

Email: raphael.cassaigne[at]vitenza.com
Tel: +44 207 084 7139

Rocio Tarazaga

Rocio Tarazaga Spain

"We believe that you need 3 things to succeed in business: knowing your product, knowing your customers and having the burning desire to succeed."

Email: rocio.tarazaga[at]vitenza.com
Tel: +44 207 084 7104

Sonal Acharya

Sonal AcharyaPurchase Manager

"We believe that you need 3 things to succeed in business: knowing your product, knowing your customers and having the burning desire to succeed."

Email: sonal.archarya[at]vitenza.com
Tel: +44 207 084 7148

Augustin Asiedu

Augustin AsieduLogistics Manager

"I am determined to offer custom logistics which fit your needs, so that your business can operate in the way you want it to, not in the way some business tells you to."

Email: augustin.asiedu[at]vitenza.com
Tel: +44 207 084 7102